Text Message Codes

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AAAAA – American Association Against Acronym Abuse
AAF – Always And Forever
AAK – Asleep At Keyboard
AAMOF – As A Matter Of Fact
AAMOI – As A Matter Of Interest
AAR – At Any Rate
AAR8 – At Any Rate
AAS – Alive And Smiling
AATK – Always At The Keyboard
AAYF – As Always, Your Friend
ABT – About
ABITHIWTITB – A Bird In The Hand Is Worth Two In The Bush
ACD – Alt Control Delete
ACE – Access Control Entry
ACK – Acknowledgement
ACORN – A Completely Obsessive Really Nutty person
ADAD – Another Day Another Dollar
ADBB – All Done Bye Bye
addy – Address
ADIH – Another Day In Hell
ADIP – Another Day In Paradise
ADN – Any Day Now
ADR – Address
ADVD – Advised
AEAP – As Early As Possible
AFAGAY – A Friend As Good As You
AFAHMASP – A Fool And His Money Are Soon Parted
AFAIC – As Far As I’m Concerned
AFAICS – As Far As I Can See
AFAICT – As Far As I Can Tell
AFAIK – As Far As I Know
AFAIR – As Far As I Remember
AFAIU – As Far As I Understand
AFAIUI – As Far As I Understand It
AFAP – As Far As Possible
AFAYC – As Far As You’re Concerned
AFC – Away From Computer
AFIAA – As Far As I Am Aware
AFINIAFI – A Friend In Need Is A Friend Indeed
AFJ – April Fools Joke
AFK – Away From Keyboard
AFPOE – A Fresh Pair Of Eyes
AFZ – Acronym Free Zone
AGB – Almost Good Bridge
AGKWE – And God Knows What Else
AIAMU – And I’m A Monkey’s Uncle
AIH – As It Happens
AIMB – As I Mentioned Before
AIMP – Always In My Prayers
AISB – As I Said Before
AISE – As I Said Earlier
AISI – As I See It
AITR – Adult In The Room
AKA – Also Known As
ALAP – As Late As Possible
ALCON – All Concerned
ALOL – Actually Laughing Out Loud
ALOTBSOL – Always Look On The Bright Side Of Life
ALTG – Act Locally, Think Globally
AMAP – As Many As Possible
AMBW – All My Best Wishes
AML – All My Love
AMRMTYFTS – All My Roommates Thank You For The Show
ANFAWFOS – And Now For A Word From Our Sponsor
ANFSCD – And Now For Something Completely Different
ANGB – Almost Nearly Good Bridge
AOAS – All Of A Sudden
AOB – Abuse Of Bandwidth
AON – Apropos Of Nothing
AOR – Agency On Record
AP – Apple Pie
AR – Action Required
AS – Another Subject
ASAMOF – As A Matter Of Fact
ASAP – As Soon As Possible
ASAYGT – As Soon As You Get This
ASL – Age / Sex / Location
ATC – Any Two Cards
ATM – At The Moment
ATSL – Along The Same Line
ATST – At The Same Time
ATW – Around The Web
ATWD – Agree That We Disagree
AUNT – And U Know This
AUNTM – And U Know This Man
AWC – After While Crocodile
AWGTHTGTTA – Are We Going To Have To Go Through This Again
AWHFY – Are We Having Fun Yet?
AWLTP – Avoiding Work Like The Plague
AWNIAC – All We Need Is Another Chair
AWOL – Absent Without Leave
AWTTW – A Word To The Wise
AYC – Aren’t You Clever
AYCE – All You Can Eat
AYK – As You Know
AYOR – At Your Own Risk
AYSOS – Are You Stupid Or Something
AYTMTB – And You’re Telling Me This Because
AYV – Are You Vertical?
BABY – Being Annoyed By You
BAG – Busting A Gut
BAK – Back At Keyboard
BARB – Buy Abroad but Rent in Britain
BAU – Business As Usual
BB – Be Back
BBB – Boring Beyond Belief
BBBG – Bye Bye Be Good
BBFBBM – Body By Fisher, Brains By Mattel
BBFN – Bye Bye for Now
BBIAB – Be Back In A Bit
BBIAF – Be Back In A Few
BBIAS – Be Back In A Sec
BBIAW – Be Back In A While
BBL – Be Back Later
BBR – Burnt Beyond Repair
BBS – Be Back Soon -or Bulletin Board Service
BBSD – Be Back Soon Darling
BBSL – Be Back Sooner or Later
BBT – Be Back Tomorrow
BBW – Big Beautiful Woman
BC – Because
BCBS – Big Company, Big School
BCNU – Be Seeing You
BCOZ – because
BD – Big Deal
BDC – Big Dumb Company
BDN – Big Damn Number
BDSM – Bondage, Dominance, Sadism, Masochism
BEG – Big Evil Grin
beos – Nudge
BF – Best Friend
BFF – Best Friends Forever
BFFN – Best Friends For Now
BFFTTE – Best Friends Forever Til The End
BFN – Bye For Now
BG – Be Good
BHAG – Big Hairy Audacious Goal
BHIMBGO – Bloody Hell, I Must Be Getting Old
BHOF – Bald Headed Old Fart
BI – Business Intelligence
BIBI – Bye Bye
BIBO – Beer In, Beer Out
BIL – Boss Is Listening
BIO – Bring It On
BION – Believe It Or Not
BIOYE – Blow It Out Your Ear
BIOYIOP – Blow It Out Your I/O Port
BIOYN – Blow it Out Your Nose
BITD – Back In The Day
BKA – Better Known As
BL – Belly Laughing
BLBBLB – Back Like Bull, Brain Like Bird
Blkbry – Blackberry
BM – Byte Me
BMGWL – Busting My Gut With Laughter
BMOC – Big Man On Campus
BMOF – Bite Me Old Fart
BNDN – Been Nowhere Done Nothing
BNF – Big Name Fan
BO – Bug Off
BOB – Battery Operated Boyfriend
BOBFOC – Body Off Baywatch Face Off Crimewatch
BOCTAAE – But Of Course There Are Always Exceptions
BOFH – Bastard Operator From Hell
BOHICA – Bend Over Here It Comes Again
BON – Believe it Or Not
BOTEC – Back Of The Envelope Calculation
BOTOH – But On The Other Hand
BPLM – Big Person Little Mind
BR – Bathroom
BRB – Be Right Back
BRL – Belly Roll Laughs
BRT – Be Right There
BS – Big Smile
BSAAW – Big Smile And A Wink
BSF – But Seriously, Folks
BSOD – Blue Screen of Death
BT – Byte This
BTA – But Then Again
BTD – Bored To Death
BTDT – Been There Done That
BTDTGTS – Been There Done That Got The T-shirt
BTHOOM – Beats The Heck Out Of Me
BTN – Better Than Nothing
BTW – By The Way
BTWBO – Be There With Bells On
BTWITIAILWU – By The Way I Think I Am In Love With You
BW – Best Wishes
BWDIK – But What Do I Know
BWL – Bursting With Laughter
BWO – Black, White or Other
BWTM – But Wait, There’s More
BYKI – Before You Know It
BYKT – But You Knew That
BYOA – Bring Your Own Advil
BYOB – Bring Your Own Bottle
BYOW – Bring Your Own Wine
BZ – Busy
C YA – See Ya
CAAC – Cool As A Cucumber
CAS – Crack A Smile
CBB – Can’t Be Bothered
CF – Coffee Freak
CFV – Call For Vote
CIAO – Goodbye (in Italian)
CICO – Coffee In, Coffee Out
CICYHW – Can I Copy Your Home Work
CIL – Check In Later
CINBA – Clad In Naught But Air
CLM – Career Limiting Move
CM – Call Me
CMF – Count My Fingers
CMIW – Correct Me if I’m Wrong
CMU – Crack Me Up
CNP – Continued in Next Post
COB – Close Of Business
COBRAS – Come On By Right After School
COD – Change Of Dressing
CofS – Church of Scientology
COO – Short For Cool
COS – Change Of Subject
CPG – Consumer Packaged Goods
CQRT – Security
CRAP – Cheap Redundant Assorted Products
CRAT – Can’t Remember A Thing
CRB – Come Right Back
CRBT – Crying Real Big Tears
CRDTCHCK – Credit Check
CRTLA – Can’t Remember the Three-Letter Acronym
CS – Career Suicide
CSA – Cool Sweet Awesome
CSABR – Continued Success And Best Regards
CSL – Can’t Stop Laughing
CSN – Chuckle Snicker Grin
CT – Can’t Talk
CTA – Call To Action
CTC – Care To Chat
CTMQ – Chuckle To Myself Quietly
CTO – Check This Out
CU – See You
CUATU – See You Around The Universe
CULA – See You Later Alligator
CUNS – See You In School
CUOL – See You OnLine
CUWTA – Catch Up With The Acronyms
CUZ – Because
CWOT – Complete Waste Of Time
CWYL – Chat With You Later
CX – Cancelled
CY – Calm Yourself
CYE – Check your Email
CYL – See You Later
CYM – Check Your Mail
CYO – See You Online
CYOH – Create Your Own Happening
CYT – See You Tomorrow
DA – There
DAMHIKT – Don’t Ask Me How I Know That
DARFC – Ducking And Running For Cover
DBA – Doing Business As
DBD – Don’t Be Dumb
DBEYR – Don’t Believe Everything You Read
DD – Due Diligence
DEF – Definitely
DEGT – Don’t Even Go There
DEM – them
DENIAL – Don’t Even Notice I Am Lying
DESE – these
DETI – Don’t Even Think It
DEWD – Dude
DEY – They
DF – Dear Friend
DFIK – Darn If I Know
DGA – Don’t Go Anywhere
DGT – Don’t Go There
DGTG – Don’t Go There Girlfriend
DGYF – Damn Girl You’re Fine
DH – Dear Husband
DHYB – Don’t Hold Your Breath
DIAF – Die In A Fire
DIC – Drunk In Charge
DIKU – Do I Know You?
DILLIGAD – Do I Look Like I Give A Damn
DINK – Double Incomes No Kids
DIRFT – Do It Right the First Time
DISTO – Did I Say That Out Loud
DITR – Dancing In The Rain
ditto – Same Here
DITYID – Did I Tell You I’m Distressed
DIY – Do It Yourself
DKDC – Don’t Know Don’t Care
DL – Down Low
DLTBBB – Don’t Let The Bed Bugs Bite
DLTM – Don’t Lie To Me
DMI – Don’t Mention It
DNC – Does Not Compute
DND – Do Not Disturb
DOC – Drug Of Choice
DOE – Depends On Experience
DORD – Department Of Redundancy Department
DP – Domestic Partner
DPS – Damage Per Second
DPUP – Don’t Poop Your Pants
DQMOT – Don’t Quote Me On This
DQYDJ – Don’t Quit Your Day Job
DRB – Dirty Rat Bastard
DRIB – Don’t Read If Busy
DTC – Deep Throaty Chuckle
DTRT – Do The Right Thing
DUI – Driving Under the Influence
DUM – Do You Masturbate?
DUNA – Don’t Use No Acronyms
dunno – i don’t know
DUSL – Do You Scream Loud?
DUST – Did You See That?
DWB – Don’t Write Back
DWBH – Don’t Worry Be Happy
DWI – Driving While Intoxicated
DWPKOTL – Deep Wet Passionate Kiss On The Lips
DWS – Driving While Stupid
DWWWI – Surfing the World Wide Web while intoxicated
DWYM – Does What You Mean
DYFM – Dude You Fascinate Me
DYHAB – Do You Have A Boyfriend?
DYHAG – Do You Have A Girlfriend?
DYJHIW – Don’t You Just Hate It When…
DYLI – Do You Love It?
DYSTSOTT – Did You See The Size Of That Thing
EAK – Eating at Keyboard
EFT – Electronic Funds Transfer
EMA – E-Mail Address
EMFBI – Excuse Me For Butting In
EMFJI – Excuse Me For Jumping In
EMI – Excuse My Ignorance
EML – Email Me Later
EMRTW – Evil Monkeys Rule The World
EMSG – E Mail Message
EOL – End Of Life
EOM – End Of Message
EOT – End Of Thread
EESEMED – Every Second Every Minute Every Day
ESH – Experience, Strength, and Hope
ESO – Equipment Smarter than Operator
ETA – Estimated Time of Arrival
EWI – E-mailing While Intoxicated
EZ – Easy
FAB – Features Attributes Benefits
FAQL – Frequently Asked Questions List
FATM – Foaming At The Mouth
FAWC – For Anyone Who Cares
FBKS – Failure Between Keyboard and Seat
FBOCD – Facebook Obsessive Compulsive Disorder
FCFS – First Come, First Served
FCOL – For Crying Out Loud
FDGB – Fall Down Go Boom
FEAR – Forget Everything And Run
FF – Friends Forever
FIFO – First In First Out
FIL – Father In Law
FILTH – Failed In London, Try Hong Kong
FISH – First in, Still Here
FITB – Fill In The Blanks
FLA – Four Letter Acronym
FMTYEWTK – Far More Than You Ever Wanted To Know
FOAF – Friend Of A Friend
FOC – Free of Charge
FOFL – Falling on Floor Laughing
FOGC – Fear Of Getting Caught
FOL – Fond of Leather
FOMC – Fell Off My Chair
FOMCL – Falling Off My Chair Laughing
FOMO – Fear Of Missing Out
FORD – Found On Road Dead
FOUO – For Official Use Only
FPO – For Placement Only
FSBO – For Sale By Owner
FSR – For Some Reason
FTASB – Faster Than A Speeding Bullet
FTBOMH – From The Bottom Of My Heart
FTE – Full Time Employee
FTFOI – For The Fun Of It
FTL – Faster Than Light
FTLOG – For The Love Of God
FTR – For The Record
FTTB – For The Time Being
FTW – For The Win
FUD – Fear Uncertainty and Disinformation
FUPA – Fat Upper Pussy Area
FURTB – Filled Up and Ready To Burst
FWB – Friends With Benefits
FWD – Forward
FWIW – For What It’s Worth
FYA – For Your Amusement
FYE – For Your Edification
FYEO – For Your Eyes Only
FYF – From Your Friend
FYI – For Your Information
FYLTGE – From Your Lips To Gods Ears
FYM – For Your Misinformation
FYSBIGTBABN – Fasten Your Seat Belts It’s Going To Be A Bumpy Night
GA – Go Ahead
GAB – Getting A Beer
GAFYK – Get Away From Your Keyboard
GAGFI – Gives A Gay First Impression
GAHOY – Get A Hold Of Yourself
GAL – Get A Life
GALGAL – Give A Little Get A Little
GALHER – Get A Load of Her
GALHIM – Get A Load of Him
GANB – Getting Another Beer
GAP – Got A Pic
GAS – Got A Second
GAWD – god
GB – Good Bridge
GBG – Great Big Grin
GBH – Great Big Hug
GBTW – Get Back To Work
GC – Good Crib
GDW – Grin, Duck and Wave
GF – Girlfriend
GFI – Go For It
GFN – Gone For Now
GFON – Good For One Night
GFR – Grim File Reaper
GFTD – Gone For The Day
GFY – Good For You
GG – Gotta Go
GGA – Good Game All
GGGG – God God God God
GGN – Gotta Go Now
GGOH – Gotta Get Out of Here
GGP – Gotta Go Pee
GGY – Go Google Yourself
GHM – God Help Me
GI – Google It
GIC – Gift In Crib
GIDK – Gee I Don’t Know
GIGATT – God Is Good All The Time
GIGO – Garbage In, Garbage Out
GIST – Great Ideas for Starting Things
GIWIST – Gee I Wish I’d Said That
GJ – Good Job
GJP – Good Job Partner
GL – Good Luck
GLA – Good Luck All
GLB – Good Looking Boy
GLBT – Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender
GLG – Good Looking Girl
GLGH – Good Luck and Good Hunting
GLYASDI – God Loves You And So Do I
GM – Good Morning
GMAB – Give Me A Break
GMTA – Great Minds Think Alike
GMTFT – Great Minds Think For Themselves
GN – Good Night
GNBLFY – Got Nothing But Love For You
GNOC – Get Naked On Cam
GNSD – Good Night Sweet Dreams
GOI – Get Over It
GOK – God Only Knows
GOL – Giggling Out Loud
GOOD job – Get Out Of Debt job
GOS – Gay Or Straight
GOWI – Get On With It
GOYHH – Get Off Your High Horse
GRAS – Generally Recognized As Safe
GRATZ – Congratulations
GROBR – Good Riddance Of Bad Rubbish
GRRLZ – Girls
GRRR – Growling
GSC – Gimme Some Credit
GSOAS – Go Sit On A Snake
GSOH – Good Sense Of Humor
GT – Good Try
GTG – Got To Go
GTGB – Got To Go Bye
GTGP – Got To Go Pee
GTH – Go To Hell
GTK – Good To Know
GTM – Giggle To Myself
GTRM – Going To Read Mail
GTSY – Glad To See You
GUD – Geographically UnDesirable
guvment – Government
GWI – Get With It
GWS – Get Well Soon
GYPO – Get Your Pants Off
HADVD – Have Advised
hag1 – have a good one
HAGD – Have a Great Day
HAGN – Have A Good Night
HAGO – Have A Good One
HAK – Hugs And Kisses
HAND – Have a Nice Day
HAR – Hit And Run
HAWTLW – Hello And Welcome To Last Week
HB – Hurry Back
HBASTD – Hitting Bottom And Starting To Dig
HBB – Hip Beyond Belief
HBIB – Hot But Inappropriate Boy
HBO – Helping A Brother Out
HBU – How Bout You
HCC – Holy Computer Crap
HD – Hold
HF – Have Faith
HHFO – Hell Has Frozen Over
HHIS – Hanging Head In Shame
HHOJ – Ha Ha Only Joking
HHOK – Ha Ha Only Kidding
HHOS – Ha Ha Only Serious
HHTYAY – Happy Holidays To You And Yours
HIG – How’s It Going
HIH – Hope It Helps
HIOOC – Help I’m Out Of Coffee
HITAKS – Hang In There And Keep Smiling
HMFIC – Head MOFO In Charge
HMU – Hit Me Up
HNTI – How Nice That Is
HNTW – How Nice That Was
HNY – Happy New Year
HO – Hang On
HOHA – HOllywood HAcker
HOIC – Hold On I’m Coming
HOYEW – Hanging On Your Every Word
HP – Higher Power
HPPO – Highest Paid Person in Office
HSIK – How Should I Know
HT – Hi There
HTH – Hope That Helps
HTNOTH – Hit The Nail On The Head
HU – Hook Up
HUA – Heads Up Ace
HUD – How You Doing?
HUGZ – Hugs
huh – what
HWGA – Here We Go Again
IAC – In Any Case
IAE – In Any Event
IAGTKOM – I Ain’t Got That Kind Of Money
IAITS – It’s All In The Subject
IANAC – I Am Not A Crook
IANADBIPOOTV – I Am Not A Doctor But I Play One On TV
IANAE – I Am Not An Expert
IANAL – I Am Not A Lawyer
IANNNGC – I Am Not Nurturing the Next Generation of Casualties
IAT – I Am Tired
IAW – I Agree With
IAYM – I Am Your Master
IB – In the Back
IBGYBG – I’ll Be Gone, You’ll Be Gone
IBIWISI – I’ll Believe It When I See It
IBK – Idiot Behind Keyboard
IBRB – I’ll Be Right Back
IBT – In Between Technology
IBTC – Itty Bitty Titty Committee
IBTD – I Beg To Differ
IBTL – In Before The Lock
ICBW – I Could Be Wrong
ICBWICBM – It Could Be Worse, It Could Be Me
ICW – I Can’t Wait
ICYC – In Case You’re Curious
IDC – I Don’t Care
IDGAD – I Don’t Give A Damn
IDGI – I Don’t Get It
IDK – I Don’t Know
IDKY – I Don’t Know You
IDM – It Does Not Matter
IDRK – I Don’t Really Know
IDST – I Didn’t Say That
IDTA – I Did That Already
IDTS – I Don’t Think So
IEF – It’s Esther’s Fault
IF – In the Front
IFAB – I Found A Bug
IGGP – I Gotta Go Pee
IGTP – I Get The Point
IGWS – It Goes Without Saying
IGWST – It Goes Without Saying That
IGYHTBT – I Guess You Had To Be There
IHA – I Hate Acronyms
IHAIM – I Have Another Instant Message
IHNO – I Have No Opinion
IHU – I Hear You
IIABDFI – If It Ain’t Broke, Don’t Fix It
IIIO – Intel Inside, Idiot Outside
IIMAD – If It Makes A Difference
IINM – If I’m Not Mistaken
IIR – If I Recall
IIRC – If I Recall Correctly
IIT – Is It Tight
IITLYTO – If It’s Too Loud You’re Too Old
IITM – It’s In The Mail
IITYWIMWYBMAD – If I Tell You What It Means Will You Buy Me A Drink
IITYWYBMAD – If I Tell You Will You Buy Me A Drink
IIWM – If It Were Me
IJPMP – I Just Pissed My Pants
IJS – I’m Just Saying
IJWTK – I Just Want To Know
IJWTS – I Just Want To Say
IKALOPLT – I Know A Lot Of People Like That
IKR – I Know, Right?
IKWYM – I Know What You Mean
IKYABWAI – I Know You Are But What Am I?
ILA – I Love Acronyms
ILMJ – I Love My Job
ILU – I Love You
ILUAAF – I Love You As A Friend
ILY – I Love You
IM – Instant Messaging
IMA – I Might Add
IMAO – In My Arrogant Opinion
IMCO – In My Considered Opinion
IME – In My Experience
IMEZRU – I Am Easy Are You
IMGC – I Might Get Caught
IMHEIUO – In My High Exalted Informed Unassailable Opinion
IMHO – In My Humble Opinion
IMJS – I’M Just Saying
IMNERHO – In My Never Even Remotely Humble Opinion
IMNSHO – In My Not So Humble Opinion
IMO – In My Opinion
IMOO – In My Own Opinion
IMPOV – In My Point Of View
IMR – I Mean Really
IMRU – I Am, Are You?
IMS – I Am Sorry
INBD – It’s No Big Deal
INMP – It’s Not My Problem
INNW – If Not Now, When
INPO – In No Particular Order
INUCOSM – It’s No Use Crying Over Spilt Milk
IOH – I’m Outta Here
ION – Index Of Names
IONO – I Don’t Know
IOT – In Order To
IOU – I Owe You
IOUD – Inside, Outside, Upside Down
IOW – In Other Words
IPN – I’m Posting Naked
IRL – In Real Life
ISAGN – I See A Great Need
ISH – Insert Sarcasm Here
ISO – In Search Of
ISS – I Said So
ISSYGTI – I’m So Sure You Get The Idea
ISTM – It Seems To Me
ISTR – I Seem To Remember
ISWC – If Stupid Were a Crime
ISWYM – I See What You Mean
ISYALS – I’ll Send You A Letter Soon
ITA – I Totally Agree
ITFA – In The Final Analysis
ITIGBS – I Think I’m Going To Be Sick
ITM – In The Money
ITMA – It’s That Man Again
ITSFWI – If The Shoe Fits Wear It
IUM – If You Must
IWALU – I Will Always Love You
IWBNI – It Would Be Nice If
IWIWU – I Wish I Was You
IYD – In Your Dreams
IYDMMA – If You Don’t Mind My Asking
IYFEG – Insert Your Favorite Ethnic Group
IYKWIM – If You Know What I Mean
IYKWIMAITYD – If You Know What I Mean And I Think You Do
IYO – In Your Opinion
IYQ – I Like You
IYSS – If You Say So
IYSWIM – If You See What I Mean
JAD – Just Another day
JAM – Just A Minute
JAS – Just A Second
JC – Just Curious
JDI – Just Do It
JDMJ – Just Doing My Job
JEOMK – Just Ejaculated On My Keyboard
JFI – Just For Information
JHO – Just Helping Out
JHOM – Just Helping out My
JHOMF – Just Helping Out My Friend
JIC – Just In Case
JK – Just Kidding
JMO – Just My Opinion
JOOTT – Just One Of Those Things
JP – Just Playing
JSU – Just Shut Up
JSYK – Just So You Know
JT – Just Teasing
JTLYK – Just To Let You Know
JTOL – Just Thinking Out Loud
JTOU – Just Thinking Of You
JUADLAM – Jumping Up And Down Like A Monkey
JW – Just Wondering
K – OK
KB – Kick Butt
KBD – Keyboard
KEWL – Cool
KHYF – Know How You Feel
KIA – Killed In Action
KIPPERS – Kids In Parents Pockets Eroding Retirement Savings
KIR – Keep It Real
KISS – Keep It Simple Stupid
KIT – Keep In Touch
KK – Kiss Kiss
KMP – Keep Me Posted
KMRIA – Kiss My Royal Irish Arse
KMUF – Kiss Me You Fool
KOK – Knock
KOTC – Kiss On The Cheek
KOTL – Kiss On The Lips
KPC – Keeping Parents Clueless
KS – Kill Stealer
KUTGW – Keep Up The Good Work
KWIM – Know What I Mean?
KWSTA – Kiss With Serious Tongue Action
KYBC – Keep Your Bum Clean
KYFC – Keep Your Fingers Crossed
KYNC – Keep Your Nose Clean
KYPO – Keep Your Pants On
KYSOTI – Keep Your Stick On The Ice
L – Laugh
LBR – Little Boys Room
LGR – Little Girls Room
LD – Later Dude
LDR – Long Distance Relationship
LDTTWA – Let’s Do The Time Warp Again
LFTI – Looking Forward To It
LGBT – Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender
LGMAS – Lord Give Me A Sign
LHM – Lord Have Mercy
LHO – Laughing Head Off
LHU – Let’s Hook Up
LIB – Lying In Bed
LIFO – Last In, First Out
LIS – Laughing In Silence
LJBF – Let’s Just Be Friends
LKITR – Little Kid In The Room
LLAP – Live Long and Prosper
LLOM – Like Leno on Meth
LLT – Looks Like Trouble
LLTA – Lots and Lots of Thunderous Applause
LMHO – Laughing My Head Off
LMIRL – Let’s Meet In Real Life
LMK – Let Me Know
LMKHTWOFY – Let Me Know How That Works Out For You
LMOA – Left a Message On your Answering machine
LMSO – Laughing My Socks Off
LMTC – Left a Message To Contact
LMTCB – Left Message To Call Back
LOB – Lying On Bed
LOL – Laughing Out Loud
LOLA – Laugh Out Loud Again
LOLZ – Lots Of Laughs
LOMBARD – Lots Of Money But A Right Dick
LOML – Love Of My Life
LONH – Lights On, Nobody Home
LOOL – Laughing Outrageously Out Loud
LOPSOD – Long On Promises, Short On Delivery
LORE – Learn Once Repeat Everywhere
LOU – Laughing Over You
LOVE – Lots Of Voluntary Effort
LPC – Lead Pipe Cinch
LRF – Little Rubber Feet
LSHITIPAL – Laughing So Hard I Think I Peed A Little
LSHMBH – Laughing So Hard My Belly Hurts
LSV – Language, Sex, Violence
LTHTT – Laughing Too Hard To Type
LTIC – Laughing Til I Cry
LTIO – Laughing Til I Orgasm
LTM – Laughing To Myself
LTNS – Long Time No See
LTNT – Long Time No Type
LTR – Long Term Relationship
LTS – Laughing to Self
LTTIC – Look The Teacher Is Coming
LULU – Locally Undesireable Land Use
LUMTP – Love You More Than Pie
LUMU – Love You Miss You
LUMUMI – Love You Miss You Mean It
LUSER – Loser
LUSM – Love You So Much
LWR – Launch When Ready
LY – Love You
LY4E – Love You Forever
LYA – Love You All
LYB – Love You Babe
LYCYLBB – Love You, See You Later, Bye Bye
LYKYAMY – Love You, Kiss You, Already Miss You
LYL – Love You Lots
LYLAB – Love You Like a Brother
LYLAS – Love You Like A Sister
LYLB – Love You Later Bye
LYMI – Love You, Mean It
LYWAMH – Love You With All My Heart
MA – Mature Audience
MAYA – Most Advanced Yet Accessible
MB – Message Board
MBN – Must Be Nice
MD – Doctor of Medicine
MDR – Mort De Rire
MEGO – My Eyes Glaze Over
meh – Who cares, whatever
MF – My Friend
MFD – Multi-Function Device
MfG – Mit freundlichen Gruessen
MHBFY – My Heart Bleeds For You
MHOTY – My Hat’s Off To You
MIA – Missing In Action
MIH – Make It Happen
MIHAP – May I Have Your Attention Please
MIL – Mother-In-Law
MIRL – Meet In Real Life
MITIN – More Info Than I Needed
MKOP – My Kind Of Place
MLA – Multiple Letter Acronym
MLAS – My Lips Are Sealed
MLM – Giving the middle finger
MM – Market Maker
MMHA2U – My Most Humble Apologies To You
MMK – MMM ok
MML – Made Me Laugh
MMYT – Mail Me Your Thoughts
MO – Move On
MOF – Matter Of Fact
MOMPL – One Moment Please
MOO – Matter Of Opinion
MOOS – Member Of The Opposite Sex
MOP – Moment Please
MorF – Male or Female
MOS – Mom Over Shoulder
MOSS – Member Of The Same Sex
MOTAS – Member Of The Appropriate Sex
MOTD – Message Of The Day
MOTOS – Member Of The Opposite Sex
MOTSS – Member Of The Same Sex
MRA – Moving Right Along
MRPH – Mail the Right Place for Help
MSG – Message
MSMD – Monkey See Monkey Do
MSNUW – Mini-Skirt No UnderWear
MSTM – Makes Sense To Me
MT – Empty
MTBF – Mean Time Before Failure
MTF – More To Follow
MTFBWY – May The Force Be With You
MTLA – My True Love Always
MTSBWY – May The Schwartz Be With You
MWAH – The sound of a kiss
MUBAR – Messed up Beyond All Recognition
MUSM – Miss You So Much
MVA – Motor Vehicle Accident
MVA no PI – Motor Vehicle Accident with no Personal Injury
MWBRL – More Will Be Revealed Later
MYL – Mind Your Language
MYOB – Mind Your Own Business
N – No
NAB – Not A Blonde
NADT – Not A Damn Thing
NAGB – Nearly Almost A Good Bridge
NAK – Nursing At Keyboard
NALOPKT – Not A Lot Of People Know That
NASCAR – Non-Athletic Sport Centered Around Rednecks
natch – Naturally
NATO – No Action, Talk Only
NAVY – Never Again Volunteer Yourself
NAZ – Name / Address / Zip
NB – Nota Bene
NBD – No Big Deal
NBFAB – Not Bad For A Beginner
NBFABS – Not Bad For A Bot Stopper
NBG – No Bloody Good
NBIF – No Basis In Fact
NBLFY – Nothing But Love For You
NC – Nice Crib
NCG – New College Graduate
ND – No Date
NDN – Indian
ne – Any
NEET – Not currently Engaged in Employment, Education, or Training
NESEC – Any Second
NEV – Neighborhood Electric Vehicle
NEWS – North, East, West, South
NFBSK – Not For British School Kids
G – New Game
NGB – Nearly Good Bridge
NH – Nice Hand
NHOH – Never Heard Of Him/Her
NICE – Nonsense In Crappy Existence
NIFOC – Nude In Front Of The Computer
NIH – Not Invented Here
NIM – No Internal Message
NIMBY – Not In My Back Yard
NIMJD – Not In My Job Description
NIMQ – Not In My Queue
NIMY – Never In A Million Years
NINO – Nothing In, Nothing Out
NISM – Need I Say More
NITL – Not In This Lifetime
NJAPF – Not Just Another Pretty Face
NLL – Nice Little Lady
NM – Never Mind
NME – Enemy
NMH – Not Much Here
NMHJC – Not Much Here, Just Chilling
NMP – Not My Problem
NMTE – Now More Than Ever
NMU – Not Much, You?
NN – Not Now
NNR – Need Not Respond
NNWW – Nudge, Nudge, Wink, Wink
NO – Not Online
NO PRAW – No Problem
NOA – Not Online Anymore
NOFI – No OFfence Intended
noob – New here
NOY – Not Online Yet
NOYB – None Of Your Business
NP – No Problem
NQA – No Questions Asked
NQOCD – Not Quite Our Class Dear
NR – Nice Roll
NRG – Energy
NRN – No Reply Necessary
NS – Nice Set
NSA – No Strings Attached
NSFW – Not Safe For Work
NSTLC – Need Some Tender Loving Care
NTA – Not This Again
NTBN – No Text Back Needed
nth – nothing
NTIM – Not That It Matters
NTIMM – Not That It Matters Much
NTK – Nice To Know
NTM – Not That Much
NTMU – Nice To Meet You
NTTAWWT – Not That There’s Anything Wrong With That
NTW – Not To Worry
NTYMI – Now That You Mention It
NUB – New Person (Newby)
NUFF – Enough Said
NVM – NeVer Mind
NVNG – Nothing Ventured, Nothing Gained
NW – No Way
NWAL – Nerd Without A Life
NWOT – New WithOut Tags
NWR – Not Work Related
NWT – New With Tags
NYC – Not Your Concern
NYCFS – New York City Finger Salute
O – Over
OAO – Over And Out
OATUS – On A Totally Unrelated Subject
OAUS – On An Unrelated Subject
OB – Obligatory
OBE – Overcome By Events
OBO – Or Best Offer
OBTW – Oh By The Way
OBX – Old Battle Axe
OC – Original Character
OCD – Obsessive Compulsive Disorder
ODTAA – One Damn Thing After Another
OFC – of course
OG – Original Gangsta
OIC – Oh, I See
OK – All Correct
OL – Old Lady
OLL – OnLine Love
OLN – OnLine Netiquette
OLO – Only Laughed Once
OM – Old Man
OMB – Oh My Buddha
OMDB – Over My Dead Body
OMG – Oh My God
OMIK – Open Mouth, Insert Keyboard
OML – Oh My Lord
OMW – On My Way
ONID – Oh No I Didn’t
ONNA – Oh No, Not Again
ONNTA – Oh No, Not This Again
ONUD – Oh No You Didn’t
OO – Over and Out
OOAK – One Of A Kind
OOC – Out Of Control
OOF – Out Of Facility
OOI – Out Of Interest
OOO – Out Of Office
OOS – Out Of Stock
OOT – Out Of Touch
OOTB – Out Of The Box
OOTC – Obligatory On Topic Comment
OST – On Second Thought
OT – Off Topic
OTASOIC – Owing To A Slight Oversight In Construction
OTC – Over The Counter
OTF – Off The Floor
OTH – Off The Hook
OTL – Out To Lunch
OTOH – On The Other Hand
OTP – On The Phone
OTS – On The Scene
OTT – Over The Top
OTTOMH – Off The Top Of My Head
OTW – Off The Wall
OUSU – Oh, You Shut Up
OWTTE – Or Words To That Effect
OZ – Australia
P – Partner
PA – Parent Alert
PAL – Parents Are Listening
PANS – Pretty Awesome New Stuff
PAW – Parents Are Watching
PB – Potty Break
PBB – Parent Behind Back
PBEM – Play By EMail
PBJ – Peanut Butter and Jelly
PC – Politically Correct
PCM – Please Call Me
PCMCIA – People Can’t Memorize Computer Industry Acronyms
PD – Public Domain
PDA – Personal Digital Assistant
PDQ – Pretty Darn Quick
PDS – Please Don’t Shout
PEBCAC – Problem Exists Between Chair And Computer
PEBCAK – Problem Exists Between Chair And Keyboard
PEEP – People Engaged and Empowered for Peace
PEEPS – people
PFA – Please Find Attached
PHAT – Pretty Hot And Tempting
PHB – Pointy Haired Boss
PHS – Pointy Haired Stupidvisor
PIAPS – Pig In A Pant Suit
PIBKAC – Problem Is Between Keyboard And Chair
PICNIC – Problem In Chair, Not In Computer
PIF – Paid In Full
PIMP – Peeing In My Pants
PIMPL – Peeing In My Pants Laughing
PIN – Personal Identification Number
PIR – Parent In Room
PITMEMBOAM – Peace In The Middle East My Brother Of Another Mother
PIX – Pictures
PLO – Peace, Love, Out
PLOKTA – Press Lots Of Keys To Abort
PLOS – Parents Looking Over Shoulder
PLS – Please
PLU – People Like Us
PLZ – Please
PM – Private Message
PMBI – Pardon My Butting In
PMF – Pardon My French
PMFJI – Pardon Me For Jumping In
PMIGBOM – Put Mind In Gear Before Opening Mouth
PMJI – Pardon My Jumping In
PML – Pissing Myself Laughing
PMP – Peeing My Pants
PMSL – Pissed MySelf Laughing
PNATMBC – Pay No Attention To Man Behind the Curtain
PNATTMBTC – Pay No Attention To The Man Behind The Curtain
PNCAH – Please, No Cursing Allowed Here
PND – Possibly Not Definitely
PO – Piss Off
POAHF – Put On A Happy Face
POAK – Passed Out At Keyboard
POMS – Parent Over My Shoulder
PONA – Person Of No Account
POP – Photo On Profile, Point Of Purchase, Point Of Presence, Post Office Protocol
POS – Parent Over Shoulder
POSSLQ – Persons Of The Opposite Sex Sharing Living Quarters
POTATO – Person Over Thirty Acting Twenty One
POTS – Pat On The Shoulder
POTUS – President of the United States
POV – Point Of View
PP – People
PPL – People
PRW – Parents Are Watching
PS – Post Script
PSA – Public Service Announcement
PSO – Product Superior To Operator
PTH – Prime Tanning Hours
PTL – Praise The Lord
PTMM – Please Tell Me More
PTP – Pardon The Pun
PTPOP – Pat The Pissed Off Primate
PU – That Stinks
PUTER – Computer
PUTR – Computer
PVP – Player Versus Player
pw – password
PWAS – Prayer Wheels Are Spinning
PWCB – Person Will Call Back
PWOMS – Parent Watching Over My Shoulder
PWP – Plot, What Plot?
Q – Question
QC – Quality Control
QL – Quit Laughing
QLS – Reply
QOTD – Quote Of The Day
QQ – Quick Question
QS – Quit Scrolling
QT – Cutie
R – Are
R U DA – Are You There?
R U GOIN – Are You Going?
R U THERE – Are you there
RAEBNC – Read And Enjoyed, But No Comment
RBAY – Right Back At You
RBTL – Read Between The Lines
RC – Remote Control
RCI – Rectal Cranial Inversion
RE – Hello Again
REHI – Hi Again
RFD – Request For Discussion
RFP – Request For Proposal
RGR – Roger
RHIP – Rank Has Its Privileges
RHK – RoundHouse Kick
RIMJS – Really I’M Just Saying
RIYL – Recommended If You Like
RKBA – Right to Keep and Bear Arms
RL – Real Life
RLCO – Real Life Conference
RLF – Real Life Friend
RM – Remake
RMETTH – Rolling My Eyes To The Heavens
RMLB – Read My Lips Baby
RMMA – Reading My Mind Again
RMMM – Read My Mail Man
RN – Right Now
RNN – Reply Not Necessary
ROFL – Rolling On Floor Laughing
ROR – Raffing Out Roud
ROTFL – Rolling On The Floor Laughing
ROTFLOL – Rolling On The Floor Laughing Out Loud
ROTGL – Rolling On The Ground Laughing
ROTM – Right On The Money
RPG – Role Playing Games
RRQ – Return Receipt Requested
RSN – Real Soon Now
RSVP – Repondez S’il Vous Plait
RT – Real Time
RTB – Returning To Base
RTBM – Read The Bloody Manual
RTBS – Reason To Be Single
RTFAQ – Read The FAQ
RTH – Release The Hounds
RTK – Return To Keyboard
RTM – Read The Manual
RTS – Read The Screen
RTSM – Read The Silly Manual
RTSS – Read The Screen Stupid
RTTSD – Right Thing To Say Dude
RU – Are You
RUH – Are You Horny?
RUMCYMHMD – Are You on Medication Cause You Must Have Missed a Dose
RUMORF – Are You Male OR Female
RUNTS – Are You Nuts
RUOK – Are You OK
RUS – Are You Serious
RUT – Are You There
RX – Regards
RYFM – Read Your Friendly Manual
RYO – Roll Your Own
RYS – Read Your Screen
S – Smile
SADAD – Suck A Dick And Die
SAHM – Stay At Home Mom
SAPFU – Surpassing All Previous Foul Ups
SB – Stand By
SBI – Sorry ‘Bout It
SBTA – Sorry, Being Thick Again
SBUG – Small Bald Unaudacious Goal
SCNR – Sorry, Could Not Resist
SEC – Wait A Second
SED – Said Enough Darling
SEP – Somebody Else’s Problem
SETE – Smiling Ear To Ear
SF – Science Fiction
SFAIAA – So Far As I Am Aware
SFETE – Smiling From Ear To Ear
SFLA – Stupid Four Letter Acronym
SFX – Sound Effects
SHB – Should Have Been
shhh – quiet
SHID – Slap Head In Disgust
SHMILY – See How Much I Love You
SIC – Spelling Is Correct
SICL – Sitting In Chair Laughing
SICS – Sitting In Chair Snickering
SII – Seriously Impaired Imagination
SIL – Sister-In-Law
SIP – Skiing In Powder
SIT – Stay In Touch
SITCOM – Single Income, Two Children, Oppressive Mortgage
SITD – Still In The Dark
SL – Second Life
SLAP – Sounds Like A Plan
SLAW – Sounds Like A Winner
SLIRK – Smart Little Rich Kid
SLM – See Last Mail
SLOM – Sticking Leeches On Myself
SLT – Something Like That
SM – Senior Moment
SMAIM – Send Me An Instant Message
SMB – Suck My Balls
SME – Subject Matter Expert
SMEM – Send Me E-Mail
SMH – Shaking My Head
SMIM – Send Me an Instant Message
SMOP – Small Matter Of Programming
SMT – Something
SNAG – Sensitive New Age Guy
SNERT – Snotty Nosed Egotistical Rotten Teenager
SO – Significant Other
SOBT – Stressed Out Big Time
SODDI – Some Other Dude Did It
SOE – Start Of Exams
SOH – Sense Of Humor
SOHF – Sense Of Humor Failure
SOI – Self Owning Idiot
SOIAR – Sit On It And Rotate
SOK – It’s Ok
SOMY – Sick Of Me Yet
SOP – Standard Operating Procedure
SOS – Help
SOT – Short On Time
SOTMG – Short On Time, Must Go
SOW – Speaking Of Which
soz – Sorry
SPOC – Single Point Of Contact
SRO – Standing Room Only
SRSLY – Seriously
SSC – Super Sexy Cute
SSEWBA – Someday Soon Everything Will Be Acronyms
SSIA – Subject Says It All
STBX – Soon To Be Ex
STBY – Sucks To Be You
STH – Something
STM – Spank The Monkey
STPPYNOZGTW – Stop Picking Your Nose, Get To Work
STR8 – Straight
STS – So To Speak
STW – Search The Web
STYS – Speak To You Soon
SU – Shut Up
SUAKM – Shut Up And Kiss Me
SUFID – Screwing Up Face In Disgust
SUL – Snooze You Lose
SUP – What’s up?
SUX – Sucks
SUYF – Shut Up You Fool
SWAG – SoftWare And Giveaways
SWAK – Sealed With A Kiss
SWALBCAKWS – Sealed With A Lick Because A Kiss Won’t Stick
SWALK – Sealed With A Loving Kiss
SWDYT – So What Do You Think?
SWF – Single White Female
SWIM – See What I Mean?
SWIS – See What I’m Saying
SWIT – Sit and Sweat
SWL – Screaming With Laughter
SWMBO – She Who Must Be Obeyed
SWU – So What’s Up
SYL – See You Later
SYS – See You Soon
SYT – See You Tomorrow
TA – Thanks Again
TAF – That’s All, Folks
TAFN – That’s All For Now
TAH – Take A Hike
TAKS – That’s A Knee Slapper
TAM – Thanks A Million
TANJ – There Ain’t No Justice
TANSTAAFL – There Ain’t No Such Thing As A Free Lunch
TAP – Take A Pill
TAS – Taking A Shower
TAW – Teachers Are Watching
TB – Titty Bar
TBA – To Be Advised
TBC – To Be Continued
TBD – To Be Determined
TBE – Thick Between Ears
TBH – To Be Honest
TBYB – Try Before You Buy
TC – Take Care
TCB – Trouble Came Back
TCOY – Take Care Of Yourself
TDM – Too Darn Many
TDTM – Talk Dirty To Me
TEOTWAWKI – The End Of The World As We Know It
TFDS – That’s For Darn Sure
TFH – Thread From Hell
TFLMS – Thanks For Letting Me Share
TFM – Thanks From Me
TFN – Thanks For Nothing
TFS – Thanks For Sharing
TFTHAOT – Thanks For The Help Ahead Of Time
TFTT – Thanks For The Thought
TFX – Traffic
TGAL – Think Globally, Act Locally
TGGTG – That Girl has Got To Go
TGIF – Thank God It’s Friday
THX – Thanks
TIA – Thanks In Advance
TIAIL – Think I Am In Love
TIC – Tongue In Cheek
TILII – Tell It Like It Is
TIME – Tears In My Eyes
TINGTES – There Is No Gravity, The Earth Sucks
TINWIS – That Is Not What I Said
TISC – This Is So Cool
TISL – This Is So Lame
TISNC – This Is So Not Cool
TISNF – That Is So Not Fair
TISNT – That Is So Not True
TK – To Come
TLA – Three Letter Acronym
TLC – Tender Loving Care
TLGO – The List Goes On
TLITBC – That’s Life In The Big City
TM – Trust Me
TMA – Too Many Acronyms
TMI – Too Much Information
TMTOWTDI – There’s More Than One Way To Do It
TNA – Temporarily Not Available
TNC – Tongue In Cheek
TNT – Til Next Time
TNTL – Trying Not To Laugh
TNX – Thanks
TOBAL – There Oughta Be A Law
TOBG – This Oughta Be Good
TOM – Tomorrow
TOPCA – Til Our Paths Cross Again
TOT – Tons Of Time
TOY – Thinking Of You
TP – Team Player
TPC – The Phone Company
TPS – That’s Pretty Stupid
TPT – Trailor Park Trash
TPTB – The Powers That Be
TQM – Total Quality Management
TRAM – The Rest Are Mine
TRDMC – Tears Running Down My Cheeks
TROO – True
TRP – Television Rating Points
TSIA – This Says It All
TSIF – Thank Science It’s Friday
TSNF – That’s So Not Fair
TSR – Totally Stupid Rules
TSTB – The Sooner, The Better
TT – Big Tease
TTBOMK – To The Best Of My Knowledge
TTFN – Ta Ta For Now
TTG – Time to Go
TTIOT – The Truth Is Out There
TTKSF – Trying To Keep a Straight Face
TTS – Text To Speech
TTT – That’s The Ticket
TTTH – Talk To The Hand
TTTHTFAL – Talk To The Hand The Face Ain’t Listening
TTTT – To Tell The Truth
TTUL – Talk To You Later
TTYAWFN – Talk To You A While From Now
TTYIAF – Talk To You In A Few
TTYL – Talk To You Later
TTYS – Talk To You Soon
TTYT – Talk To You Tomorrow
TWHAB – This Won’t Hurt A Bit
TWHE – The Walls Have Ears
TWIMC – To Whom It May Concern
TWIT – That’s What I Thought
TWITA – That’s What I’m Talking About
TWIWI – That Was Interesting, Wasn’t It?
TWU – That’s What’s Up
TXS – Thanks
TXT IM – Text Instant Message
TXT MSG – Text Message
TY – Thank You
TYG – There You Go
TYVM – Thank You Very Much
U – You
U UP – Are you up
UBS – Unique Buying State
UCWAP – Up a Creek Without A Paddle
UDM – You’re The Man
UGC – User-Generated Content
UNOIT – You Know It
UNPC – Unpolitically Correct
UNTCO – You Need To Chill Out
UOK – Are You OK?
UPOD – Under Promise Over Deliver
UR – You are
URSAI – You Are Such An Idiot
URW – You Are Welcome
URWS – You Are Wise
URZ – yours
USP – Unique Selling Proposition
UTM – You Tell Me
UV – Unpleasant Visual
UWIWU – You Wish I Was You
VBG – Very Big Grin
VBS – Very Big Smile
VC – Venture Capital
VCDA – Vaya Con Dios, Amigo
VEG – Very Evil Grin
VFM – Value For Money
VGN – Vegitarian
VIM – Very Important Member
VIP – Very Important Person
VIV – Very Important Visitor
VM – Voice Mail
VSF – Very Sad Face
VWD – Very Well Done
VWP – Very Well Played
WABOC – What A Bunch Of Crap
WAD – Without A Doubt
WAEF – When All Else Fails
WAFS – Warm And Fuzzies
WAI – What An Idiot
WAK – What A Kiss
WAMBAM – Web Application Meets Brick And Mortar
WAYD – What Are You Doing?
WAYN – Where Are You Now?
WB – Welcome Back
WBS – Write Back Soon
WBU – What ‘Bout You?
WC – Who Cares
WCA – Who Cares Anyway
WD – Well Done
WDALYIC – Who Died And Left You In Charge?
WDDD – Woopie Doo Da Dey
WDR – With Due Respect
WDT – Who Does That?
WDYM – What Do You Mean?
WDYMBT – What Do You Mean By That?
WDYS – What Did You Say?
WDYT – What Do You Think?
WE – Whatever
WEG – Wicked Evil Grin
WF – Way Fun
WFM – Works For Me
WG – Wicked Grin
WGMGD – What Get’s Measured Get’s Done
WIBAMU – Well, I’ll Be A Monkey’s Uncle
WIBNI – Wouldn’t It Be Nice If
WIIFM – What’s In It For Me
WIIFY – What’s In It For You
WILB – Workplace Internet Leisure Browsing
WILCO – Will Comply
WIM – Woe Is Me
WIP – Work In Process
WISP – Winning Is So Pleasureable
WIT – Wordsmith In Training
WITW – What In The World
WIU – Wrap It Up
WKEWL – Way Cool
WLMIRL – Would Like to Meet In Real Life
WMHGB – Where Many Have Gone Before
WMMOWS – Wash My Mouth Out With Soap
WMPL – Wet My Pants Laughing
WNOHGB – Where No One Has Gone Before
WOA – Work Of Art
WOG – Wise Old Guy
WOM – Word Of Mouth
WOMBAT – Waste Of Money, Brains And Time
WOOF – Well Off Older Folks
WOOT – We Own the Other Team
WOP – With Out Papers
WOTAM – Waste Of Time And Money
WOTD – Word Of The Day
WP – Well Played
WRT – With Respect To
WRU – Where Are You?
WRUD – What Are You Doing?
WRUDATM – What Are You Doing At The Moment?
WT – What The
WTB – Want To Buy
WTG – Way To Go
WTGP – Want To Go Private?
WTH – What The Heck
WTHOW – White Trash Headline Of the Week
WTMI – Way Too Much Information
WTN – What Then Now
WTS – Want To Sell
WTSDS – Where The Sun Don’t Shine
WTTM – Without Thinking Too Much
WU – What’s Up
WUF – Where You From
WUWH – Wish You Were Here
WUWHIMA – Wish You Were Here In My Arms
WUZ – Was
WUZ4DINA – What’s For Dinner?
wuzup – What’s Up?
WWJD – What Would Jesus Do?
WWSD – What Would Satan Do?
WWY – Where Were You?
WX – Weather
WYCM – Will You Call Me?
WYD – What You Doing?
WYGISWYPF – What You Get Is What You Pay For
WYM – What do You Mean?
WYMYN – Women
WYP – What’s Your Problem?
WYRN – What’s Your Real Name?
WYS – Whatever You Say
WYSILOB – What You See Is A Load of Bullocks
WYSIWYG – What You See Is What You Get
WYSLPG – What You See Looks Pretty Good
WYT – Whatever You Think
WYWH – Wish You Were Here
XLNT – Excellent
XME – Excuse Me
XOXO – Hugs and Kisses
XOXOZZZ – Hugs and Kisses and Sweet Dreams
XQZT – Exquisite
XTC – Ecstasy
XXCC – Kiss, Kiss, Hug, Hug
Y – Yes
YA – Yet Another
YA yaya – Yet Another Ya-Ya
YABA – Yet Another Bloody Acronym
YACC – Yet Another Calendar Company
YAFIYGI – You Asked For It You Got It
YAJWD – You Ain’t Just Whistling Dixie
YAOTM – Yet Another Off Topic Message
YAUN – Yet Another Unix Nerd
YBS – You’ll Be Sorry
YBY – Yeah Baby Yeah
YCT – Your Comment To
YDKM – You Don’t Know Me
YEPPIES – Young Experimenting Perfection Seekers
YGBK – You Gotta Be Kidding
YGLT – You’re Gonna Love This
YGM – You’ve Got Mail
YGTBK – You’ve Got To Be Kidding
YGWYPF – You Get What You Pay For
YHM – You Have Mail
YIC – Yours In Christ
YIU – Yes, I Understand
YIWGP – Yes, I Will Go Private
YKW – You Know What?
YKWIM – You Know What I Mean
YLH – Your Loving Husband
YLW – Your Loving Wife
YM – Your Mother
YMAK – You May Already Know
YMAL – You Might Also Like
YMMD – You Made My Day
YMMV – Your Mileage May Vary
YNK – You Never Know
YOYO – You’re On Your Own
YR – Yeah Right
YRYOCC – You’re Running on Your Own Cookoo Clock
YS – You Stinker
YSAN – You’re Such A Nerd
YSIC – Why Should I Care
YSK – You Should Know
YSYD – Yeah, Sure You Do
YTB – You’re The Best
YTRNW – Yeah That’s Right, Now What
YTTM – You Talk Too Much
YTTT – You Telling The Truth
YW – You’re Welcome
YWIA – You’re Welcome In Advance
YY4U – Too Wise For You
YYSSW – Yeah Yeah Sure Sure Whatever
ZZZ – Sleeping, Bored, Tired

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Top 10 New Year’s Resolutions?

Many people think most about how to improve their lives when a new year is approaching. Everyone wants to make different changes in life but one thing is clear … all of the top 10 New Year’s Resolutions on everyone’s list are things that they feel will make them happier.

The three main categories that appear over and over again on everyone’s lists are changes involving improvement in health, finances and personal relationships. It makes perfect sense that true happiness requires a healthy body, freedom from financial concerns and other people with whom you can share your life.

Most of us have room for improvement in more than one of these general categories. If that’s so in your case then you should probably have more than one New Year’s Resolution. Rather than deciding to get in such great shape that you can run a marathon next year, why not plan to exercise thirty minutes per day and also improve the relationship with a loved one? True happiness requires at least a moderate success in each of the three categories. Being the most fit person on Earth won’t make you happy if you are sitting home alone or if you’re dealing with debt collectors. The smart thing to do when making resolutions is to set reasonable goals in all three areas. Then once you’ve accomplished those goals you can always set further ones.

The number one New Year’s Resolution in the developed nations today is to lose weight. If that’s your goal, first ask yourself why that is important to you. Just being thinner won’t necessarily make you happier. If you want to feel better and increase your endurance, that’s a great reason! If you think that being thinner will increase your chances of finding love, that might be helpful but it also might not. Being aware of why you want to achieve a goal can be very useful in deciding how much effort to put into that goal. And remember that if it took you five years to gain the weight, you shouldn’t expect to take it off in a month. Would it be the end of the world if it took a full year to be fit for the rest of your life?

The number two New Year’s Resolution is often to quit smoking. All you have to do is visit an old age home and see the elderly people with persistent coughs and unable to survive without an oxygen bottle to know that quitting is just common sense. It’s not always an easy goal to achieve. Nicotine is an extremely addictive drug! Many people who have quit failed several times before they were successful. You shouldn’t use that as an excuse to give up but also don’t give up just because you failed the first time. Smoking can interfere with all three main categories of happiness. Some employers won’t hire you. Some potential mates won’t have you. You are far less likely to be healthy. ‘Nuff said!

The third most common New Year’s Resolution is another health-related issue. Getting more exercise is important for decreasing your chances of getting so many life-ending illnesses. When your heart, lungs and muscles work more efficiently you feel great! You’ll look better! You’ll feel better! You’ll most likely live longer! You’ll work harder and probably earn more money! You’ll play harder in your free time! While exercise seems like a lot of work at first, you actually get to the point where it’s enjoyable in a very short amount of time. A minimum effort of only 30 minutes per day of vigorous exercise is all you need. It won’t reduce your time for other things because fit people require less sleep. Play racquetball with the boss and you might also improve your finances. Or play tennis with a family member, frien or an appealing potential mate to also improve your relationships. Walk a treadmill while watching television. Make exercise fun and you’ll stick with it for life.

Several further New Year’s Resolutions involve improving one’s financial situation. Learning a new career or saving money or getting out of debt are often mentioned. During hard economic times simply getting a job is often at the top of some people’s list. This is an area where many people over-emphasize the increase in happiness that they’ll receive. Obviously, you must have enough money to afford a safe place to live, decent food, dependable transportation, clothing and all of the other things neccesary for a decent life. But do you need a bigger boat to be happy? Or a bigger house? Or the best restaurants when you dine out? These things are nice but not necessary. They are likely to increase happiness but they usually also come at a cost. Do you have to work 70 hour weeks to afford that bigger boat? That could be taking time away from getting healthy or from building personal relationships. On your deathbed will you be more likely to remember those great times on the boat or the picnics with your family? Or the evenings at home with friends. So there’s nothing wrong with wanting more money and things but when you set those types of goals don’t forget about the other things that make you happy!

In fact, another common New Year’s Resolution is spending more quality time with family and friends. When is the last time you asked a loved one what their day was like? Do you have friends that you know would be there for you in a pinch? Are you involved in a fully committed relationship or one that’s lost its juice? Find common interests with your family members and set dates to do those things with them. Ask your mate out on a romantic date and leave the kids with Grandma. Help a good friend with a problem in their life.

Unfortunately, some of us have really serious problems. A common New Year’s resolution is to stop abusing alcohol or a drug. Addictions are especially important to defeat as they nearly always destroy all chances of happiness in all three main categories. If you are addicted to something, understand that you almost certainly won’t be able to solve these types of problems by yourself. We’re all human … no one is perfect. Swallow your pride and ask for help! Not sometime next year. Do it today! You’re never so deep in that hole that you can’t pull yourself out with help. If you don’t know what to do, ask a loved one, a friend or a cop if necessary to refer you to someone who can help you. There’s a rainbow at the end of every storm but you have to take action.

One New Year’s Resolution that isn’t made nearly often enough is to help someone who is less fortunate than yourself or someone in need. You don’t need money to do this. The lonely old man who sits on his porch alone all day might love it if you’d just take 15 minutes once in a while to talk to him. He might appreciate it if you’d take him along to the grocery store when you’re going anyway. Spend an evening each month serving food at the local homeless shelter. Call the numbers on bingo night at the old folks’ home. If you’ve got limited financial resources, donate those canned goods from the pantry that your family won’t eat. Drop a dollar in the Salvation Army bucket during the holidays. It’s only a dollar and others are hungry! When you pass that donation site by it makes you feel bad or resentful. When you drop one dollar in there you’ll feel good about it! Isn’t that worth a buck? If you’re more fortunate do a little more. Some charities can feed dozens of people in poor nations for a 25 dollar per month premium. Happiness given to others comes back several times over! It really does!

Other miscellaneous New Year’s Resolutions include falling in love, learning something new, stopping procrastination and getting organized. All of these desires can greatly improve your happiness but remember to be reasonable in setting goals and don’t concentrate so heavily on one thing that you ignore everything else.

Happy New Year!

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What to Say When Someone Dies?

What to Say When Someone Dies

It is very hard to find the right words to say to someone who has lost a loved one. Most of us badly want to console that person but what we say often just magnifies the suffering.

One thing that you definitely don’t want to do is say that you know how the person is feeling. Even if you have suffered a similar or identical loss in the past, this moment of consolation belongs to the person who is currently grieving. The fact that you may actually know what they’re going through might help you to be less agonized over their suffering but it won’t be of much use to them.

Of course, we should never mention that their loved one’s death was a good thing. People often say that a deceased person who experienced pain at the end is “better off now”. The person who is suffering the loss might understand what you’re saying but it won’t help them with their feelings of loss.

Another common but inappropriate thing is telling the person that they have to go on living or that death is just a part of life. Most people need to grieve for a while before they can let go of their loved one. Saying that life goes on insinuates that they shouldn’t grieve at all.

Another thing we certainly don’t want to do is exasperate the person’s grief. Saying things like, “What a horrible thing to happen” or “You must be absolutely devastated” or “What a horrible way to die” are likely to just make matter worse.

Also be careful about offering to help the person or about being someone they can talk to about their grief. If you’re not really sincere about possibly listening to hours of grieving, don’t offer! If your life is already full to the brim, you may want to reconsider offering assistance. By all means, doing those things when someone dies can be a wonderful gesture that can enhance your future relationship with the grieving party but it can do exactly the opposite if you don’t follow through. Another thing to consider is whether you are really close enough to the person to offer to listen to their grief. You could be seen as “butting in” to an agonizing situation.

So if you decide not to offer help or an open ear, what can you say that is totally acceptable? The most common one is probably, “I’m sorry for your loss”. It’s a relatively neutral statement that lets the person know you care about what they are going through but doesn’t magnify the inevitable negative emotions.

One last thing to look out for is lying about the deceased in order to offer comfort to their loved ones. A child can suffer great emotional strife over losing a parent even if that person was not a wonderful person. Saying something like, “Your father was the kindest person I’ve ever known” when everyone knows that’s not true will just put your sincerity about the child’s suffering in question.

Also remember that different people react in different ways when someone they love dies. Don’t criticize people because if they don’t cry as much as you would or even don’t cry at all. You have no way of knowing what they are feeling inside. On the other hand, some people may grieve much longer and/or more severely than you do. That’s ok too! Be understanding!

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What is Love?

What is Love

There are many types of love. The love of a friend, love for a parent, love for a child, love of god, and the love of inanimate objects (food, hobbies, music, etc). For the purposes of this article, however, we will discuss the most often referenced type … romantic love.

So why is it so difficult to agree on the definition of love? Well, love is an emotion and emotions are not easily defined. There are also other emotions that may confuse the subject as they are similar in their effects to love. So perhaps the best way to answer the question is to look at what things most people would agree are necessary in maintaining a loving relationship.

Often, the first emotion one experiences in the process of falling in love is lust. Lust is a craving of a physical nature for another person. Lust is easily confusable with love due to that craving. You intensely want to be with the person and that’s definitely one aspect of love. Lust, for that reason, may account for the belief in “Love at first sight”. Couples who do go on to form a permanent loving relationship remember the lust that they felt for each other when they first met and credit that moment as the one where they fell in love. It’s unlikely, however, that they would have succeeded in forming that lasting relationship if lust was all they ever felt for each other.

The next step in falling in love is developing attractions for each other that are not strictly physical in nature. Here we’re talking about attractions based on your desire for shared commitments, most notably going steady, monogamy, marriage, children, and common interests. When you feel that overwhelming need to see your partner, is it always physically oriented? If so, you haven’t moved out of the lust phase. If you can’t wait to spend time doing something with your partner that is of mutual interest and totally unrelated to sex, then perhaps you’ve reached the attraction phase. Even more so, if you envision that person as the one you’ll spend your life with … paying the mortgage … getting up with the baby in the middle of the night … cleaning the house … and so on, you are on your way to a loving relationship!

One important point to mention here is that both partners must feel that way before there’s any hope of creating a long-lasting, loving relationship. If only one of the parties has developed those non physical attractions, it’s time to slow things down! Common signs are where your partner doesn’t care to do anything you are interested in. The only non-physical activities they want to do with you are those they are interested in. Remember, the attraction phase requires common interests. You should, however be aware that this phase may take slightly longer for your partner than it does for you.

The next phase in falling in love is attachment. This is where you put those desires for major commitments in the attraction phase into full operation. Both partners have an overwhelming desire to marry or otherwise commit to each other for life, have children together, buy a home together, and make other decisions that result in their working together as a permanent couple. We’ve all seen the movies where everyone has “cold feet” over these decisions and a bit of anxiety over such major steps is normal. Beware of the partner who is overtly anxious though. This is the final step in falling in love and if you’re partner is more than a little unsure, are they really in love with you? Don’t forget, you’ve both had the attraction phase to think those things through. There should be little or no doubt at this point.

So now you and your partner are definitely in love. How do you keep things that way? Ask a dozen people who divorced after five or ten years of marriage how they felt about their partner on their wedding day. Most all of them will reminisce about how “in love” they were. So what went wrong?

Probably the most common reason for this is that they skipped the attraction phase. Going straight from the lust phase to the attachment phase is a recipe for relationship disaster! You need those common interests and non-lustfull attraction to make a long term relationship work … period! A large percentage of couples make this mistake.

The second most common reason for “losing love” is not maintaining the things you developed in the attraction phase. Did you stop engaging in common interests? Did you stop “dating”? You know … that exercise where both parties dress up to impress the other. Where you do something together that’s fun for both. Do you do things together with your children? Like a family? If you loved to go dancing together, do you still do that? Do you still make nice comments about the other one’s appearance? These are the things that contributed to falling in love … stopping them can cause that love to fade away.

So in conclusion, when asking, “What is Love?” and more importantly, “Am I In Love?”, ask yourself these questions:

1. How much of my feelings for this person are “lust” oriented? How much is about other things?
2. Do I want to share the important parts of my life (marriage, children, mortgages, vacations, etc) with them?
3. Am I confident that they feel the same way about me?

If you really think about those questions and be totally honest with yourself, you’ll be well on your way to knowing what love is.

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What Do Dreams Mean?

What Do Dreams Mean

One of the first mysteries to haunt the human mind was, “What do dreams mean?”. The simple but unsatisfying answer is that we don’t know what dreams mean or if they mean anything at all. Most experts today feel that dreaming is the method that the brain uses to organize the thoughts of the day and to decide on the importance of each of those thoughts. Should the brain make the woman’s face that you passed on the street today a priority memory or should the assignment you got from your boss be more important? This, theoretically, allows the brain to deal with a far smaller number of details and keeps us from going crazy. The dreams that we remember are random memories that combine to create a story during the process.

Most leading psychiatrists and dream researchers, however, also feel that our emotions have a great effect on how those random memories combine to form a dream. If you miss your maternal grandmother, for example, who passed away last year, that woman on the street that was mentioned earlier might look a lot like your grandmother or someone else in your dream reminds you of her for some reason.

There does seem to be reason therefore, to believe that we might be able to gain some insight into our subconscious mental state by analyzing our dreams. Here are a few of the most common dreams and an explanation of what they might mean:

Dreams Where You Find Yourself Nude in Public:

1. You have something that you’re trying to hide and fear that you will be exposed.
2. You are shirking some duty like getting a report done for work and you fear the embarrassment if everyone sees you without your report. Or maybe you haven’t studied for the math test tomorrow and everyone will see how stupid you are.
3. If you find yourself naked in public and you’re not bothered by it, that could mean that you are very confident about yourself.


Dreams Where You Are Flying:

Flying dreams are almost always pleasant! They usually mean that you are currently feeling “above” all of the day-to-day troubles of life and you’re probably feeling confident about the future. There are exceptions, however. If you are having flying dreams where you have difficulties controlling your flying, it could mean that you are concerned about your ability to achieve something in your life that will make you happy. If you fly too high and become afraid of the height, your dream could mean that you are afraid that in your quest for happiness, you’ve bitten off more than you can chew.


Dreams in Which You Are Falling:

There is something going on in your life that is worrying you and you feel totally unable to do anything about it. You may in addition feel that there are going to be horrible consequences if you can’t find some solution to your dilemma. It may be that your boss recently voiced their displeasure over your performance at work and you’re afraid of being fired but you don’t think that you are able to give them what they want. Or maybe your spouse isn’t happy with their social life but you don’t feel you can afford more entertainment.


Dreams That Involve You Being Chased:

Chase dreams often mean that we are being threatened by something or someone that we don’t feel we are capable of dealing with in our real life. In the dream we often run as fast as we can in an attempt to escape the problem but we can’t manage to escape. Whatever or whoever is chasing us is usually right behind us throughout the dream. Often, if the dreamer faces the real life challenge and defeats the problem, this will result in their turning and confronting the chaser in their dream and most likely defeating the attacker in the dream too! In cases where the dreamer feels really overwhelmed by the problem, they may not get anywhere no matter how hard they run. This indicates that you believe that no matter how hard you try, there is no solution to your dilemma.


Dreams Where You Are Not Prepared to Take An Exam:

If you find yourself in a dream where you know you have to take a test but you can’t find the testing room, or you forgot your number 2 pencil, or you just don’t feel that you know the subject well enough to do well, you may be feeling that someone in your real life is testing you in some way and that you are not up to the challenge. Another possibility is that you yourself have put yourself into a situation you might not be prepared for or, in other words, you’re testing yourself. Often, the dreamer is blowing the problem out of proportion. You simply need to identify what the test is that you’re anxious about and either end the test or prepare yourself to pass the test.


In conclusion, you probably shouldn’t take what happens in your dreams too seriously because those dreams are composed of a combination of random events of the day. If your sibling, for example, tries to kill you in a dream it may just mean that you are upset with them about something and you also heard a news report of a man who killed his own brother. That certainly doesn’t mean that you really want to kill your brother. Those kinds of dreams might mean that you have unresolved issues with your brother that are troubling you. Perhaps troubling you more than you are consciously aware of and, therefore, need action to be taken for the sake of your mental health.

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Things to do When Bored?

Things to do When Bored

Things To Do When Bored For Self-Improvement:

  • Exercise
  • Formulate a Diet
  • Learn a Foreign Language
  • Start Your Own Business
  • Start a Blog or a Website (My Personal Favorite)
  • Study For School or Just to Get Smarter
  • Write a Book or Poetry
  • Tackle a Home Improvement Project
  • Mow the Lawn
  • Go Clothes Shopping With Someone Whose Taste Is Better Than Yours
  • Volunteer to Help Those Less Fortunate
  • Get a Tan
  • Do Something Special For Someone You Love
  • Make Something (like jewelry) and Sell It on Ebay
  • Get a Job or a Better Job
  • Things To Do When Bored For Pure Fun:

  • Watch a Movie at Home
  • Go to see a Movie at the Theater
  • Watch Movies or TV Online
  • Play Video Games
  • Shoot Pool
  • Go Swimming at the Beach or Pool (My Personal Favorite)
  • Go Bowling
  • Play Golf
  • Rollerblade
  • Skateboard
  • Ride Your Bicycle
  • Shoot Baskets or Play Basketball
  • Visit an Amusement Park
  • Assemble a Puzzle
  • Go For a Drive Along a River or Some Other Scenic Area
  • Solve Crossword Puzzles
  • Visit a Friend or Ask One Over
  • Try Cooking An Exciting New Dish
  • Read a Great Book
  • Go Camping (Even if only in your back yard)
  • Visit a City, County, or State Park
  • Have a Picnic (Even if only in your back yard)
  • Learn To Do Majic Tricks
  • Start a Garden, Plant Flowers, or Landscape Your Yard
  • Blow Bubbles
  • Fly a Kite
  • Learn How to Juggle
  • Climb a Tree
  • Learn To Play a Musical Instrument
  • If Nothing Else Works And You’re Still Bored:

    Take a nap. Life often looks better when you are well rested and sleeping may kill enough time until something more exciting comes along. Be sure you don’t overdo the sleeping though as excessive amounts of time in bed can cause severe depression! If you do get depressed, tell a friend or relative how you feel and ask them for advice. Consider getting some counseling. Definitely don’t sit around being bored too long! Life’s too short and there’s a big wonderful world out there! It’s just sometimes difficult to find your way.

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    How Much Should I Spend on a Wedding Gift?

    How Much Should I Spend on a Wedding Gift

    Deciding on how much to spend on any gift can be agonizing but especially so when it comes to a wedding gift. After all; you want to show the bride and groom how happy you are for them and the way we typically do that in a capitalistic country is why expensive gifts. Of course, we also should consider that many couples need help from friends and family in order to set-up a household and another consideration is the fact that a wedding and honeymoon can dig pretty deep into a couple’s pocketbooks. So how much should you spend on a wedding gift to show a proper amount of happiness and do your part in helping the couple to get a start in married life?

    This author has studied many sources for their suggestions and here is the conclusion reached. If the wedding is of the typical, middle-class variety whether in a Church or in someone’s backyard, you certainly want to spend at least fifty dollars. That would be an appropriate amount if you are a high school friend who no longer regularly hangs out with the bride or groom but you still consider yourself a friend.

    For seldom seen cousins or other more distant relatives and co-workers who work closely with the bride or groom, you might want to bump that up to seventy-five dollars. Fifty dollars would still probably be ok if you are a cousin who isn’t that close or a co-worker in a different department.

    If the wedding gift is from is a friend or a close cousin, you should probably spend between seventy-five and one hundred dollars.

    For close relatives and close or best friends, a wedding gift should probably cost between one hundred to one hundred and fifty dollars.

    Of course, there are dozens of factors that could change those numbers. Have the gifts at other recent weddings in your group of friends and relatives resulted in more or less expensive wedding gifts? If you know that for sure, by all means adjust the amount you spend! If spending $150 on a wedding present for your sister would make you look foolish and make other guests uncomfortable with their gifts, then spend less. If the wedding you’re attending is for a billionaire’s daughter, you might be very embarrassed to spend $1000!

    You might also want to consider asking others how much they plan to spend on their gift. Be careful who you ask though. This activity is often considered “bad form” so only ask people you are very close to like parents, siblings, best friends, etc. You might find that they are just as much “in the dark” about what to spend as you are!

    Your last hint as to how much to spend on a wedding gift is what the couple has listed on their wedding gift registry. If they have six $50 items, twenty $100 items, eighty $250 items, and fifty $500 items, you can probably figure that they are expecting guests to spend more than stated above. Hopefully the registry will include more reasonable items and you should endeavor to pick a great wedding gift off the registry and use it for wedding gift ideas.

    Of course, it’s still totally your decision how much to spend on a wedding gift or if you will attend at all! If you honestly feel that fifty dollars, for example, is all you should spend and all of the $50 items are gone, you could give the couple cash or a gift certificate. If they are unreasonable about what they are asking guests to spend, you will probably hear remarks from other guests to reinforce your beliefs. And, of course, if they gave you $500 for your wedding two years ago, you probably should reciprocate.

    In any case, take some comfort in the fact that you’re not alone. Wedding guests will spend somewhere in the neighborhood of $7 billion on wedding gifts in 2009!

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