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Is Abortion Murder?

Is Abortion Murder

Fetus at 10 Weeks

Perhaps one of the most controversial questions of the modern day is whether or not abortion is murder. Let’s start by defining the applicable terms.

Abortion is defined as the termination of a pregnancy that results in the death of an embryo or fetus.

Murder is a legal term describing the planned killing of a human being.

So strictly by definition, the question of whether or not abortion is murder depends on whether or not a fetus or embryo is a human being.

An embryo is defined as a developing human offspring during the first eight weeks of pregnancy. From eight weeks until birth it becomes a fetus.

So now our question becomes, “Is a developing human offspring the same thing as a human being?”

Unfortunately, the definition of “human” doesn’t help much in answering our questions. Humans are defined simply as “bipedal primate mammals” otherwise known as “Homo Sapiens”.

This is the reason that accounts for how some people claim that we are human beings at the moment of conception while others feel that we become human at birth. It’s also possible to believe that the moment of becoming human is at some time during pregnancy. For example, when the fetus appears human or when the brain develops to some stage or another.
As a society we deal with these issues collectively through our legal system of laws. Currently federal law states that abortion is legal in all fifty states in the U.S. and since murder is illegal in all fifty states, abortion is not legally murder.

This understandably disturbs those who believe that we are human before birth but as citizens we must agree to respect the law or the strongest among us would inflict their views on the weak. You may feel that abortion is wrong but since murder is a legal term you can not realistically claim that it is murder.

Of course, law changes and every citizen has the right to vote for change by supporting political candidates who agree with their point of view. If our law was to change then those who believe in the legality of abortion would be expected to accept the change.

In addition, despite the law each person can make their own decisions on this and other controversial subjects. If you believe that we become human before birth no one is going to force you into an abortion must we all must accept the law as it stands when it comes to other people’s rights.

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Does God Exist?

Does God Exist

There are numerous arguments for the existence of a God and many that claim that a supreme being is unnecessary to explain the existence of our universe. We will only cover one of the most common arguments here.

The complexity and order of the universe show that there must have been a being that “designed” the universe. Proponents of this view say that it is incomprehensible that everything could “fit together” so well without a designer. Matter could not have formed into stars and planets without gravity. Life could not have appeared through the random combination of non-living chemicals. The air we breathe has just the right amount of oxygen and does not contain anything in quantities harmful to us. Our world is absolutely full of a wide variety of food and drink to sustain us. Bees exist to pollinate the flowers. Insects exist to decompose dead things but bats exist to keep the insect population under control. What is the likelihood that those things and thousands of others could all have happened by chance?

Proponents of evolution say that the complexity of the universe is due to the natural and slow interaction of elements over nearly unimaginable long periods of time. They go on to say that the order of things is also a natural result of life adapting to its environment. Matter formed into stars and planets because gravity existed. If gravity had not existed there would be a totally different type of universe and we would not be here to discuss the existence of God. Perhaps some other type of intelligent life would have evolved in a universe without gravity and maybe not. The air we breathe has an amount of oxygen suitable to us because we evolved in an environment with oxygen in the atmosphere. Any life not suitable to breathing oxygen died and did not pass on its DNA to future generations. Only oxygen breathers did so, of course, we breathe the air that exists. For the same reason, the plant and animal life on Earth is edible by us because if it wasn’t we wouldn’t be here. Bats eat insects because insects became an abundant food source and life forms that would take advantage of that were bound to evolve. In other words, everything appears so perfectly balanced because life evolves to “fit into” the existing environment.

Another problem with the “designer” theory for the existence of God is that it’s just as mind-boggling to explain how a God might have come to exist as it is to explain how our universe came to exist without a God. Has God always existed? How can you explain something with no beginning? And if God did have a beginning, where did God come from? As you can see a God with no beginning or a God that appeared from nowhere is just as hard to comprehend as the beginning and evolution of our universe.

The real answer to the question “Does God Exist” is that it’s a highly controversial subject because the existence of a God can’t possibly be proven or disproved. There is no evidence that passes scientific scrutiny for God so the skeptics can’t be convinced. On the other hand, it’s impossible to prove that something doesn’t exist. If you don’t believe this then prove that fire breathing dragons don’t exist. The vast majority of us are certain that they aren’t real but try proving it beyond a shadow of a doubt.

The good news in this argument is that a belief in evolution does not automatically require one to disbelieve in God. It is after all possible that a God could have used evolution as their method of creation!

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