Reign Season 2

Reign Season 2 Cast

So what will happen during the second season of Reign?

We can be certain that Mary and Francis will continue to face one threat after another. Those threats will come from those who want their power and from others who simply hate those with power.

Will their marriage survive the birth of Francis and Lola’s child?

Rumor has it that Francis may also sire another child, this time with Mary.

Francis is likely to have issues over guilt he will feel due to the murder of his father.

The Plague will hit France in a big way during the second season so Francis and Mary will also have to deal with ruling a nation of sick, dying and starving people plus it’s likely that some close to them at court will also be struck down.

And of course, it’s likely that there will still be some conflict between Francis and Bash.

So anyway, it looks as if the level of action will only increase when the second season of Reign premieres on October 2, 2014 on the CW.

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Person of Interest Season 4

Person of Interest Season 4 Cast

So what will the upcoming fourth season of Person of Interest bring? With John, Harold, Root and Shaw all off on their own in order to avoid being found by the Samaritan program there must be some way that they can come back together. Otherwise, how can the threat be stopped?

In a teaser trailer released at this year’s Comic-Con, it’s verified that John is convinced that they must take the risk of fighting back and he goes to Harold who he somehow convinces. Harold points out that they have no resources whatsoever and no safe place to operate from but the threat from Samaritan is just too great to ignore.

So if you want to see how they get out of the mess they’re in, tune in when the fourth season of Person of Interest premieres on September 23, 2014 on CBS.

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Parenthood Season 6

Parenthood Season 6 Cast

While fans are happy that Parenthood is returning for a sixth season, sadly it will be the last and only contain 12 episodes. It’s encouraging though that the producers, cast and crew seem to be planning to send the show off with a bang. Rumors have it that their will be a great storyline that will throw all of the characters into turmoil.

It has been revealed that an ex-boyfriend of Julia’s from law school will show up and that’s likely to cause further trouble for Julia and Joel’s marriage, perhaps even ending it?

From the sound of things, it’s likely that the surprises will be much more than just that. We fans will simply have to tune in to find out. Ahhhh! The anticipation!

The sixth season of Parenthood will premiere on September 25th on NBC.

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Once Upon a Time Season 4

Once Upon a Time Season 4 Cast

Season four of Once Upon a Time will premiere with five new characters based on the 2013 animated movie, “Frozen”.

Elizabeth Lail will play Anna.

Georgina Haig will play Elsa.

Scott Michael Foster will play Kristoff.

Tyler Jacob Moore will play Prince Hans.

Elizabeth Mitchell will also join the cast in a role that has yet to be disclosed.

John Rhys-Davies will also join in at least one episode to provide the voice for the CG version of Pabbie the Troll King.

The fourth season of Once Upon a Time premieres on September 28, 2014 on ABC.

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What is a Snood?

What is a Snood

By definition, a snood is a fabric bag or net that holds the hair on ones head. It is pinned or tied at the back of the head and can also be attached to the back of a hat.

Pre-cursors to the snood were around in the middle ages. Typically, they were simply a bag of knotted lace that covered the hair. In the 1800s, crocheting was invented by Irish nuns who used their handicrafts to raise money for victims of the potato famine. Crocheted snoods were “lacy” and much more beautiful than a plain old cloth bag. This greatly increased their popularity.

Snoods really became popular during World War II. Women replaced their hats with snoods to show their patriotism by conserving precious fabrics so that their husbands and boyfriends in the field would have adequate uniforms. If you ever watch a dance scene in a World War II movie, you’ll probably notice the girls “jitterbugging” with their hair contained by a snood!

Snoods come in many different varieties. They can be made from lace, yarn, or fabric in a myriad of different colors. Sometimes they are adorned with beads, imitation gemstones or even real jewels!

Snood also have many practical benefits including:

  1. They make the hair appear to be longer.
  2. The spherical shape give the appearance of fullness and rich body.
  3. Artificial hair or other stuffings can even further enhance the benefits of #1 and #2.
  4. Snoods keep the hair off the neck which is much cooler on hot days.
  5. The hair in a Snood always looks great and takes only moments to make up.

Snoods are still worn today by many married women of the Orthodox Jewish faith.

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What Are the Most Often Misspelled Words?

Misspelled Words

In English there surely is a list of most often misspelled words. If you are looking for such words for the letters of the alphabet A, B, C and D then you surely have come to the right place. Here, you are going to find out some of the most often misspelled words in English under each of these letters.

The very first word among the most often misspelled words, would be “Acceptable”. This is for the single reason in the way in which most such words sound irrespective of the spelling. If you are confused as to whether this particular word has the “able” ending or the “ible” ending, just remember that you have to accept the table and you would get the word right.

Accommodate is the next amongst the most often misspelled words. Usually people are confused with regards to the usage of “C” and “M” in the word. Just remember that this particular word is large enough to accommodate two Cs and two Ms in it!

Amateur is yet another word that most people never get right, for the simple fact that this particular word is spelled differently from the way it is pronounced. Just remember that when spelling this word, just think like the French and you will get it. In America, er is pronounced er, but in France they place a U in the middle, thus spelling the word Amateur.

Argument is one of the most often misspelled words for the simple fact that “argue” has an “e”. Remember that when this word takes the suffix “ment”, argue has to lose the “e” to win the ment, thus becoming argument.

Believe is that one particular word in English, we just can’t seem to get the spelling right without using a spell checker. If you need to remember this word’s spelling, then tell yourself “I Believe” thus placing the I before the E in the word. Most words in English with a combination of I and E in them place the I before the E, but not always. When those letter follow a C, the spelling is typically “CEI”.

As for the word calendar, remember that the first and the last vowel in the word is an “A” while the one between the two As is an “E”. Category may sound like Catastrophe with the first two syllables but the first word would have an E in the second syllable while the second word has an A. Though the last syllable of cemetery sounds more like “–ary”, it is rather spelled with an E in it.

As for the last of the most often misspelled words from A to D, we are going to look at definitely. All you have to do for this particular word is just use the suffix “ly” to the word definite. This word is commonly misspelled for the single fact that many people are not sure if there has to be an e or not when adding the “ly”.

Here are some more of the most often misspelled words:

Accidentally, acquire, acquit, apparent, atheist, cemetery, changeable, collectible, column, committed, conscience, conscientious, conscious, consensus, daiquiri, discipline, drunkenness, dumbbell, embarrass, exhilarate, exceed, existence, fiery, foreign, gauge, grateful, guarantee, harass, height, humorous, ignorance, immediate, indispensable, inoculate, its versus it’s, leisure, liaison, maneuver, medieval, millennium, miniature, mischievous, misspell, neighbor, occurrence, pastime, personnel, principal versus principle, privilege, questionnaire, restaurant, rhythm, school, separate, sergeant, supersede, there versus their versus they’re, threshold, twelfth, tyranny, until, and vacuum.

Well … that should keep you studying those most often misspelled words for a while!

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