How Long Does Alcohol Stay in Your Body?

How Long Does Alcohol Stay in Your Body

The amount of time that alcohol stays in your body varies depending mostly on the alcohol level in your blood and the amount of time that the alcohol has to metabolize out of your body. Only about ten percent dissapates through your perspiration, urine, and breath. The other 90% takes time for your body to process it. Approximately .015 of your blood alcohol concentration (BAC) is processed per hour. The chart below will give you a guideline of how long it will be before your body is alcohol free.

It doesn’t matter what type of alcohol you consume. One shot of liquor, one beer, or one small glass of wine will all cause exactly the same effect on your BAC.

The more calories you consume of food while drinking, the lower your BAC will be but food consumption will not come anywhere near “wiping out” your BAC. It simply reduces it somewhat. The higher the number of calories of food you eat, the lower your BAC will be but again, it only reduces it by a fraction of the total. Drinking on an empty stomach is not advised.

Consuming non-alcoholic drinks in between alcoholic ones also helps as this “dilutes” the concentration of alcohol. Stretching out the time in consuming the alcoholic drinks also helps as this gives the body time to process the alcohol from your first drinks. Consuming more than one drink per hour will almost certainly result in an increase in BAC.

Most so-called remedies for drunkeness such as drinking coffee, taking cold showers, or exercising have only minimal effect on BAC. The effect is so small as to be insignificant.

Blood Alcohol Metabolism Chart

Blood Alcohol Concentration (BAC)

Metabolism Time


13.33 Hours


10 Hours


6.66 Hours


5.33 Hours


3.33 Hours


1.33 Hours

If you are taking any prescription or illegal drugs, be very cautious about consuming alcohol. Most notably, drugs that slow down your body’s metabolism, like blood pressure pills for example or “downers”, can cause serious health problems or even death. Binge drinking also kills thousands of people each year!

If you have consumed more than a couple of drinks you should really consider taking a taxi home, walking, or using a designated driver. Remember, if you have consumed more than a couple of drinks per hour, you’re almost certainly legally drunk. Criminal charges for DUI can be quite serious and if you should kill an innocent party while drunk, prepare yourself for several years in prison and a lifetime of mental issues. Someone will lose their parent, sibling, or child because you used poor judgement!

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