Nashville Season 3

Nashville Season 3 Cast

After briefly considering filming in Georgia or Texas it was decided that season three of Nashville would continue to shoot in music city.

So what will season three bring for Scarlett and Gunnar after spending most of season two apart? Well … Sam Palladio who plays Gunnar on the show has said in interviews that he’s sure that the two will at least return to being musical partners.

But there are many other questions to be answered in season three. Will Rayna accept Luke’s proposal or will she stimied by Deacon’s feelings for her?

How will the relationship between Layla and Will be affected now that Will has admitted that he is gay?

Will Avery be able to forgive Julliette for her affair with Jeff Fordham?

Yes … season three promises to be full of surprises so be sure to tune in for the premiere on September 24th on ABC!